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Justtannoor focuses on roasting the unique Omani way in the region, where we use all the contents of the banqueting process, with a very specific specialty, distinguished by a certain sheep or tess, the best in the region (local tess + naimi sheep) only, for occasions and weddings in a very different way from all restaurants Through which the best spices are selected from certified suppliers from the Omani regions, where the use of the original Omani tannour is used, and the best types of sheep and tess are obtained from special manors, which is also approved in this regard. Sheep’s or tess’s age from one month to four months only according to the customer’s choice, and the choice will be made with high accuracy from the specialists in this work or by us personally. 

The aim of the project :- 

  • Defining all segments of society in the UAE to this legacy, which did not have enough interest to introduce this method of health in terms of materials used for preparation. 

  • Add a new stamp of ancient heritage used in one Gulf country only and spread it across all the Gulf countries and neighboring countries in the future and spread its culture with the quality of healthy taste, which has received a huge turnout in the region. 

  • Introducing the new generation to the importance of adhering to the customs and traditions available in the Gulf region to the importance of activating healthy foods, which does not include any kind of preservatives and other materials used by most restaurants in the preparation of meals. 

  • To raise the profile of the UAE and its ability to preserve all the Gulf countries in the form of distinctive popular cuisine and highlight them in a different and interesting and tailored to the requirements of all segments of the UAE community and all residents of the homeland. 

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Tel: 050-671-9393Email: justtannoor@gmail.com

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Tel: 050-671-9393Email: justtannoor@gmail.com

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